Vision and Mission


  • Empowering of Rural Girl Students through Rural Oriented Higher Education.
  • Overall personality development of students by following the Gandhian Ideology.
  • Practical knowledge of various jobs and rural oriented courses.
  • Extension of various women and child welfare activities based on Gandhian Ideology, in rural areas.
  • Research work on rural problems and extension work in villages along with formal education and academic activities.
  • To bring rural young women at par with their urban counterpart by imparting computer education in today’s competitive world.


  • Rural oriented higher education via Rural Development & Extension, a Core & Compulsory subject.
  • Sensitizing the Rural Girls towards society through extension education and making them an agent for social change.
  • The main aim of the institute is to provide such higher education to the rural girls, which will prove to be purposeful and meaningful in their rural background. Rural development being the core and compulsory subject lays the base of this institution. The institute also tries to bring rural women at par with their urban counterparts.